We want to help you develop your company’s purpose and increase your profit.

We help you discover your company’s fundamental values and spur rapid cultural change in your organization.


To achieve this, we bring Unity in your organization

What advantages does unity provide?


Unity helps us IMPROVE Company Culture and our Work Environment


Unity helps us UNDERSTAND people and their talents, values and abilities


Unity helps organize and CONNECT personal and professional interests.


Unity helps us LEAD individuals, teams and ourselves in a natural way.



Unity helps us STAY COMMITTED with a purpose and a common mission


Unity helps people, departments and delegations COLLABORATE


Unity helps us COMMUNICATE in an assertive and holistic manner


Unity helps us BE authentic, complete and consistent with ourselves


We work hard because we like to solve the most COMPLEX PROBLEMS AND CHALLENGES related to people.
If you want to address these challenges, we invite you to make use of our tools.

We promote unity as a way to achieve the desired purpose and profit with your company and with your stakeholders (shareholders, customers, employees and society).

A company has to make profit. If the company does not obtain profit in a sustained way, it won’t survive, unless the owner (private or public) sustains it artificially.

Teams with high unity will be better prepared to deal with relevant changes or challenging situations that require coordinated commitment of its members. Low unity in a team will lead them to direct their efforts towards particular interests that can or will not help the company to face its collective challenges.

All of that requires an organizational analysis that allows to know the current and desired situation.

At DPMC we foster a culture focused on pursing profit as well as unity.

One misleading interpretation of the unity/profit binomial would be to think that, since committed employees will end up generating the best results, the unity is, per se, profit generating. However, this isn’t the case if employees aren’t applying the right strategies or don’t have the right skills.

On the other hand, another interpretation assumes that a company will survive by generating the best strategies and having the best people executing those ideas, regardless of its ability to forge unity. This is also not the case. When faced with structural challenges or a downward trend in profits, you’ll only be able to overcome these challenges with high levels of company unity.

DPMC has the only model in the market that allows measuring, evaluating, diagnosing and enhancing unity in organizations.