The DPMC Foundation, in collaboration with the Chair of Mission-Driven Management and Corporate Purpose at UIC Barcelona, and Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership, has launched the 3D Purpose Index, an indicator to measure the impact of Purpose in organizations.

The 3D Index is born after 15 years of research and has been developed based on empirical research involving a sample of over 65 companies and 2,700 executives.

In brief, the 3D Purpose Index is a new metric that aims to become a key indicator every organization should use to assess the degree of corporate purpose fulfillment, similar to how metrics like NPS (Net Promoter Score) or global reputation are employed.

Furthermore, the 3D Index is made available to the business world for free use by organizations, in line with the generosity inherent to the purpose and values of the three institutions that have driven it. The goal of these institutions is nothing other than to enhance the way companies internally measure purpose, with rigor and authenticity, and thereby improve society's sense of purpose.

If you want to learn more about the index, you can find more information here.  

You should also be aware that from our consulting department, we offer assistance in implementing the results of this index in your company, as well as any improvement actions that may arise from it. To do so, simply reach out to us through the contact section on the website.