La Cátedra Dirección por Misiones y Propósito Corporativo celebró el pasado 2 de junio una nueva edición de los Desayunos Cátedra bajo el título: “Análisis de decisiones bajo criterios múltiples. ¿Se puede indexar el cumplimiento de la misión? 


On this occasion, the guest was Jaume Armengou, a member of IESE's Board of Directors as Secretary General, who used an example of a family that has to move for work reasons to develop the case. The family must choose the house where they will live, taking into account different factors: the square meters, the rental price, the neighborhood where it is located, if it is close to schools, public transport, etc., and must rate each factor to give a value to “the satisfaction of my choice”.

According to Professor Armengou, the final decision must be realistic, consensual and not create impartiality because it directly contributes to the family's mission.

Finally, Jaume Armengou spoke of the importance of worrying about the common good in decision-making and if "the process is good but the result is bad", we will have to look at where we have failed, but "we can continue to trust the team" . The Chair Breakfasts are held periodically throughout the course with the aim of generating debates on issues related to humanism and business purpose.

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