The Chair of Mission Leadership and Corporate Purpose held the second edition of the “Chair Breakfast Lectures” with Inés Alegre, lecturer in Managerial Decision Sciences at IESE Business School.


Inés Alegre spoke in the second edition of the “Chair Breakfast Lectures” about artificial intelligence, a computer system designed to perform operations considered to be characteristic of human intelligence, such as self-learning. 

According to the IESE lecturer, one example of artificial intelligence is Alexa, a virtual assistant that works mainly by voice so that you can ask her questions or to direct her to perform a series of tasks. She also stressed that artificial intelligence can be of great help to society if used properly. If not, it can be highly problematic. She highlighted that there is more and more unstructured information available through algorithms each day, and gave an example of a misuse of artificial intelligence. For example, when a person with limited financial resources searches for “social assistance” on the internet, they are inundated with links for immediate credit possibilities that are very easy to access, but that leaves them in the difficult situation of having to repay the loan. Towards the end of the lecture, the audience was able to exchange and share experiences around the topic. This activity is held throughout the year to generate debate about business.