8 October 2020

Are the companies that practice the Management by Missions better qualified to face the outcomes of the crisis? What does the sense of purpose bring to their management?

Last September, on the 8th, DPMC Beyond Business held a webinar with the collaboration of Pablo Cardona, Dean of the School of Management and Communication at UNIR; Manuel Jiménez-Maña, CEO of Jiménez-Maña Corporation, and Carlos Rey, Professor and Director of the Chair Management by Missions and Corporate Governance at UIC.

As Carlos Rey says, “on this crisis, the purpose and the missions are earning a enormous relevance” and “the society needs companies with a head held high, who embrace the future with courage, enthusiasm; we need to keep people’s hopes up”.

To do so, Pablo Cardona suggests to “pivot the crisis to attack it” and organizes it in three different basketball moves: analyze fundamentals, seize opportunities, and move forward into new fields.

Moreover, Manuel Jiménez-Maña explains to us how his company, connected with such a punished sector by the crisis as the automotive sector, is applying the Management by Missions to stay on track with his organization. He also shares the lessons he has learned and the challenges that still need to be addressed.

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