15 june 2020

When the purpose fails

“When the purpose fails”, article in Spanish by Nuria Chichilla, Nuno Pitta and Rudi Loossens in which one tries to answer the questions: Why is it important to define a purpose well? and What incidents lead to a clear failure of purpose? The article is part of the Harvard Deusto Business Review magazine, number 300, May 2020 (www.havard-deusto.com)

10 january 2020

Management by missions

“Management by missions”, article of Carlos Rey and Pablo Cardona, where the authors explain how to put the mission in the strategy and management of the companies and what are the benefits of doing. This new management philosophy is much richer and better able to persuade people to identify with the company their work for and so ensure superior performance at all levels of the organization.

10 january 2020

The practice of strategy

“The practice of strategy”. In this article, the authors, Carlos Rey and Joan E.Ricart, view strategy as a discipline that harmonizes business model innovation with company principles and simultaneously meets the requirements of market demands.