We invite you to look your organization from another perspective
We firmly believe in leadership and organizational models grounded in your team, their motivations and their values that give meaning to their actions.

We look toward the future
with an innovative focus on the human dimension
Our PASSION is to create UNITED organizations with new LEADERS that push people
through the PURPOSE
To achieve this we must work in a systemic way the analysis, diagnosis and deployment of
the purpose.

We analyze the organizations design under the perspective of the Unity.



Starting from this thinking on the organizational design and its fit regarding the purpose of the company and the workers, we will start working on the axes of authenticity and coherence.


Authenticity to connect values with all the decisions in the company and at all levels, promoting a new culture of unity built through daily performance.


Coherence to connect the tools and systems with the purpose of the company and workers, setting the elements that connect WHAT is done with HOW it is done, all aligned with the sense of purpose.


Integrity will be a consequence of the above and communication and dynamics in the company that facilitate the entire process and allow the internalization of the purpose will be developed.


Develop the natural leadership over personal commitments defined at all organizational levels


Develop the conceptual design of management tools that help managers lead in order to maintain the alignment of ours teams to the principles that have been established.


Develop a natural leadership on the personal commitments defined at all levels of the organization.

In our methodology DPMC Way for the achievement of a competent organization that reaches both the unity as the desired profits four phases are distinguished in its development:

In the Phase 0 we will do a diagnostic to understand how the company is bringing the sense of purpose to its members. A clear understanding to where the company is regarding its interpersonal relations and its sense of mission allows us to tailor our processes to make the company move forward.



In the Phase 1 we will help to the company to define its strategies connected with their values, their organizational structure and organizational roles. We finish the phase knowing who we are and who we want to be.



In the next Phase 2 the efforts are directed at coordinating these deployment actions efficiently, measuring the progress of the strategy with concrete indicators, and at the same time, ensuring that each person knows how to contribute and how to interact while pursuing that efficiency. We finish the phase accepting us in our roles and sharing and understanding the purpose of the company and the individual.



In the Phase 3 the company is permeated by a shared purpose driven motivation. It turns strategy almost naturally into action transcending and/or fine-tuning the formal systems and support tools. The purpose is communicated internally and externally: it is part of daily
conversations and decision-making. We finish generating at all levels a dynamic of collaboration and unity getting ready for the next phase.



In the Phase 4 personal and corporate purpose connect. Individuals share their personal purpose with their colleagues. The corporate purpose is continually reviewed and updated by the interconnection with personal purpose of individuals. There is a willingness of constant renewal of purpose, implying a readiness to review strategy and adapt systems in order to grow the purpose and adapt to the challenges of the environment. There is maximum reinforcement between individual and collective growth.

DPMC uses in phase 0 the only model that exists in the market to know how the company transfers the sense of purpose and generates unity to its workers.