Carlos Rey is Founder of DPMC and Professor and Director of the Chair Management by Missions and Corporate Governance at Universidad Internacional de Cataluña

He has worked as Executive Steering at Ficosa International and in the German multinational Hulsbeck und Fürst. What are the key ideas of the book “Purpose Driven Organizatons”? The book revolves around an idea. The purpose has three dimensions: knowledge, motivation and action, which we represent as head, heart and hands. The intention is to [...]

Nuno Pitta, CEO of DPMC, expert in strategy and change management

He has been a corporate governance manager at Pwc working directly with clients such as Novartis, Camper, Chevron Texaco, Sara Lee, Sony, Indukern Group, Ferrer and others. Former CEO of Dows Group, international electronics retail chain. How can we build a solid and differentiating purpose? What makes a purpose differentiator of any other is the [...]

Three dimensions of effective mission implementation

“The mission has been implemented in my company, but I’m not seen any change, why? What went wrong? It has been effective?”. The following article aims to clarify these questions and explain how to do an effective implementation of the mission. Mission statements are an important tool for strategy implementation, but in many companies, there […]

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“En busca de la misión”
Cardona, Pablo | Rey, Carlos

En busca de la misión